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Aisle Planner Feature

Our very first styled shoot was last summer at Venue at the Grove in Phoenix. Being invited to participate by Jen of J.Colony Photography was an honor. We just loved the photos captured that day and were thrilled when the images were featured 4+ times! I feel like our style and favorite flowers really complimented the overall vision of the shoot. There is nothing quite like flexing that creative muscle.

Starting a small business can feel overwhelming and full of doubt and insecurity. It can feel like an uphill battle trying to not compare the journey of your business to other businesses, and just focusing on YOUR short and long term goals. I struggle with this daily and I just have to continue to remind myself of the successes we’ve had along with the lessons we’ve learned with the failures we’ve had. There have been some great highs, and some not so fun lows in the short 9 months of our business being up and running. I know there will be many, many more as we continue to learn and grow. Each time we were notified of a new feature or even a kind comment from another vendor or potential bride it truly makes a difference. It really fills me up and helps to propel me through those doubtful moments.

Our first styled shoot being so well received and even published (Premier Weddings Magazine) really helped my morale and commitment to keep creating! I know my vision for the future includes continuing to make great connections with other wedding business vendors, and most importantly making the wedding flower dreams of our clients come true!

Here are a few of our favorite photos that Jen captured, for more please click to see the Aisle Planner Feature.

Vendor Credits

Photography: J.Colony Photography

Venue: Venue at the Grove

Styling and Coordination: Sweet Saguaro

Rentals: Material Girls Weddings

Cake: Amour De Sucreh

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