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Guide to Wedding Flowers - Part 1- What is your wedding flower style?

Happy February friends! I am excited for this 2021 wedding season! I have been talking with so many new couples and am ready to get to design for them and make their wedding flower visions a reality. This January was filled with consultations and after hearing over and over "I am not sure where to start, I don't really know that much about flowers" I decided to use the next few weeks to talk a little bit about where to start when trying to define your wedding flower style, what flowers are available, and how the process works! Hopefully this will set you in the right direction on this whole wedding flower thing! I want to give you a good base of knowledge to start from, just consider me your wedding flower guide.

Where to start?

I like to start the design process with a new client by sending out a questionnaire to gather some broad details and to see if I am a good fit for their wedding. Likewise, I want my couples to feel the same, that we're a good match.

A few things to consider when reaching out to wedding florists to begin the process:

Have you reviewed their work?

- Don't skip this part. A referral from a friend or vendor is a great place to start, but make sure you take time to look over their social media, website, and portfolio. Their design style should be one that you find appealing (you should be able to appreciate most of their designs, even if it doesn't fit into your color palette or preferred style.) Florists are artists with their own process and design style, and though their job is to execute your vision, we all have our own unique feel and technique. I don't think I'm alone when I say, I want a couple to be excited to work with me, to understand my style. To have reviewed my work and say, "this is what we're looking for!" It should feel like a natural fit, not fitting a square peg into a round hole. Ask yourself "If I received their work as a gift, would I be excited about it?". Just like every photographer has a different editing and shooting style, it is the same with florists. You should see a vibe/style that feels like you.

Do you have an idea of what flowers/colors/style you want?

-If yes, great! If not, take some time and get on Pinterest or (my personal favorite) pick up a wedding magazine from the store and start looking! What are you drawn to? What shape of flower do you find most appealing? What colors or style feel true to your personal style. How about a flower you loved as a child? A flower or scent that is a special memory for you, or you as a couple. Even if these aren't compatible with your color palette, sharing these things with your florist can help them. They may have a great idea on how these can be incorporated or how to mimic the characteristics in the design.

Have you chosen your dress/suit? Your bridal parties dresses and suits? Linens or other decor rentals?

-All of these details will help your florist help you determine what flowers, designs styles, and decor ideas to suggest. These are not always decided before it is time to secure your florist,(and that is OK) but if you have an idea of what you want, share! Also, as these details come together sending them along to your florist as you make the decisions is a great way for them to see how the wedding vibe/style is evolving or coming into place.

What words define your personal style? Your wedding style?

-I'm a firm believer that your wedding style should be an extension of your personal style. If you're typically a bold and unique dresser, that should be reflected in your wedding. If your home is decorated with traditional and classic elements, your wedding should mirror that! Additionally you should consider: season, your venue, and the size of your wedding! If you're still looking for the right words, here is a list I use to help describe my designs and vision to a couple:



















Can your wedding style be a mixture of these words? YES! Can you have a Femine/Boho/Textural bridal bouquet? YES! There are no limits, and a seasoned and skilled florist with guide you in the right direction with flower choice, color palette, and style.

I hope this helps you find and define your wedding flower vision, and I'll be back next week with a run down of popular wedding flowers and their names and best uses.

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