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Why Cloud 9 Blooms?

Today is the day I've been working towards and looking forward to for the last few months. I am feeling excited and relieved to share a little about why I have chosen to re-brand and change my businesses name to Cloud 9 Blooms!

I am so proud of how AZ Fleuristas grew over the past 2.5 years (if you're a past Fleuristas Bride or Groom thank you so much for your trust!). I am certain I want my business name to reflect exactly why I am passionate about what I do.

I know two things to be true: flowers uplift people in ordinary and special moments; & finding your life's partner should be celebrated in a way special to you as a couple. This is the Cloud 9 Blooms mission.

Choosing this new name took some serious brainstorming. With the above sentiments in mind, we (my husband and "Creative Design Team") had been tossing different names around, but nothing felt right. During an evening walk with my husband and our dogs, he had an idea. "I have been thinking back to our wedding, and remember the gift you left me before the ceremony? How about that? Cloud 9?" he asked. It was perfect. It encompasses all of why I am passionate about this business.

A little back story... I got married to my high school sweetheart, Ian on November 18th, 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. We were very young and just out of college, so not a lot of extra money to our names. I wanted to do something that told him how I felt about marrying him that day. It had to be something that had a lot of sentiment, but didn't cost much. I wish I could remember exactly where the idea came from, but 13 years later I can't. What I do remember is the feeling. With the help of my family, I left 9 white balloons in the room he would change and wait for the ceremony in with a card saying "Meet you on Cloud 9".

Cloud 9 Blooms Card East Valley Wedding Flowers Gilbert Arizona
Our "Cloud 9" Card

My favorite definition of "Cloud 9" is "the state of perfect bliss/happiness". This is my wish for all my couples on their wedding day. I also believe that life is full of many other Cloud 9 moments. I hope that I can help elevate your everyday/ordinary moments and other special events with fresh flowers.

I am happy to be launching monthly flower orders starting later this week, as well as other opportunities to send flowers on those special days to the people who mean the most. Even though I'll be adding some new offerings to you all, my business core values and commitment to my clients remains.

A huge thanks goes out to my husband and his unwavering support in me and in my business. I can't imagine my life without you in it. Another huge thank you to my sister, Janet, for her help with the design of my new logo and business cards. She will always be my ride or die. To My "Creative Design Team": (which includes my Mom, my sister, my Aunt Gretchen, and cousins Ryan and Amanda). You guys have held me up the last few months with all of your support and input. You are AH-MAZING. And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of my wonderful couples, lovely vendor friends, and great clients who have put their trust in me. It has truly meant the world to me. Hope to meet you all on Cloud 9!

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